I Concerti del Sole by Elio Antichi is an agency for musical tourism which has worked with choral groups and orchestras from many different countries for over 15 years.
The agency has brought well over 200 musical ensembles to perform in Lucca and Tuscany. Elio Antichi, a baritone and choir director for more than 40 years, lends his musical experience to make the journey that  you organize  in Tuscany an unforgettable one.
The  most beautiful and best acoustical locations will be placed at your customers’ disposal with competence and professional skill.
No problem with Copyright .It will be possible for your customers to participate in long running prestigious festivals and to obtain certificates of participation and for you to be certain to offer an exemplary service.
It will be possible to perform in Lucca  birthplace of Elio Antichi and in many other towns of Tuscany.

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